Welcome to n00b unlimiteds new central ban and server administration site! If you were banned from a server and feel it was an unjust ban by an unscrupulous admin abusing his powers, please submit a protest to your ban by using the "Appeal Ban" tab to the left. If you were a witness to a hacker or someone breaking our blessed rules of the community please by all means choose "Report Player" to help us rid the community of stupidity and "1337 h@x". anyone other then those 2 groups are going to be admin posting bans or banning people from here. have a nice day. sio :)

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Total bans:25081

MOD Date/Time Length Name Remaining Time
MOD 09-23-21 09:22 scream ᕦ(`-´)ᕥ
MOD 01-06-21 19:36 Gaylek
MOD 01-06-21 19:36 Layheeee
MOD 03-29-20 23:14 phonk
MOD 03-25-20 22:19 Snorlaxatives
MOD 01-12-20 23:52 FunnyBot
MOD 12-30-19 05:10 Noob Dog
12-29-19 13:59 not toxic
MOD 12-28-19 00:30 bhop
MOD 12-06-19 20:40 not toxic

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Total Stopped: 69013

  Date/Time Name
10-23-21 16:32 Snorlaxatives
08-16-21 03:12 Steve French
01-16-21 21:37 phonk
06-30-20 00:30 phonk
05-30-20 03:37 Snorlaxatives
05-06-20 23:44 ralph bagley
05-05-20 16:29 SGT_Rollin
04-21-20 02:05 ralph bagley
04-11-20 19:33 i have coronavirus
04-10-20 01:28 i have coronavirus