3 cash Reports, All the Accounts Receivable/Payables, closed both sat and sun

Read an email at work how everyone in my position should concentrate on counts not being a regular manager (IM an Store Team Lead, which is a hybrid between SIMS or Inventory Manager and Manager) Which means I'm responsible for all our inventory yet get shafted with doing other work on top of it for $1 more an hour instead of like $5-6 more an hour...

So this email says that since everybody that got promoted to STL counts have been off our outs lists have gone down lower in completion rate...duh we're being told to be managers and barely given time for our counts...fucking morons...Plus they took away a manager to make my position so i have to cover the work of a regular manager plus get all the inventory management counts done too..

Hell i shouldn't even know how to do all the accounting stuff at work, thats an EXA's job (2nd in command at the store) yet since I'm good with accounting i do it for my store and even train the managers on it...all for that lousy $1 raise i i got to go to a meeting this week (on my day off no less when I was planning on having the surgery on my side sigh...) to be told how to do my job?

Fuck that..I got to waste my gas money go down town Minneapolis, to be told how to do a job that I know how to do better than half the managers in the market, only to be told im not a real manager, but you have all the powers of a manager, but heres $1, and keep the counts up...

The best part was, was the tutorial hand out which i wiped my ass with after I read it. I'm not supposed to have any confrontation with employees or tell employees what to do, wtf, Im in the management field and I can't tell employees what to do? I've been telling other employees what to do around the store for 3 damn years let alone being promoted into the managerial staff...Corporate can kiss my ever slimming down from a diet ass and keep their ideas to their own damn self, if they wouldn't have done this ridiculously retarded STL position I would have been manager already, but now everyone has to go to a year in a key position (senior beauty, head photo, or SIMS now stl) before they can apply to be manager, well this is after 1 year has a head photo which i was credited with the best staff and cleanest lab in the district, then 1 year has SIMS where i trained other SIMS how to do their damn job...and now corporate is making me take another half step before management...god if my health care and 401k wasn't so fucking insanely good I would quit