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Thread: Valve/Steam/Vac Disappoint me :(

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    Default Valve/Steam/Vac Disappoint me :(

    So yesterday for Modern Warfare 2 a patch came out, 1.175, to address a few things

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    Fix for latest texture hacks

    Fix to prevent players from getting inside geo

    Fix to prevent players with illegally pirated copies of Modern Warfare 2 from matchmaking with legitimate Modern Warfare 2 players

    Connection improvements for NAT-PMP routers

    Fix for "elevator" glitch that allows players to get out of playable area

    So #2-#5 are pretty solid.

    #1 is fail. So Google is awesome. (Dont know if it would count as reference to cheat site so i won't put what i googled)

    I was reading thru this cheat forum about how many peeps got vac'd, what hax didnt get fixed (just rank hack) and i back out of a thread to see a new topic "texture hax not patched" with the subject "LOL FAIL"

    dont know how they did it before but how they fixed it 10 mins after patch is fucking proof Valve is retarded. (not sure if 10 mins maybe 20 but less then 40 for sure.)
    All they fucking had to do to get passed Valve/Steam/Vac/IWNET w/e was blocking it was rename w/e files they had made transparent to have two _'s..and vac/steam completley ignored it and let it thru.

    I doubted at first, seeing as the guy posting about it had like 12 posts but after looking again today seeing the screen shots it is definitive proof that the people at Valve running VAC are fucking idiots.

    What this means is there was a wallhack/texture cheat for 1.174 of MW2, Patch 1.175 did something to block the transparent files (like sv_pure or consistancy in css) and instead of the cheaters having to start another cheat from scratch all they did was change the name of transparent files slightly and walah..Steam fails.

    And ofcourse, as Steam says themselves.

    What will get you banned
    Wallhacks - Conditional(wtf is conditional supposed to mean here?walls that come with aimbots?)
    Speed Hacks
    Easy Account

    What won't get you banned
    Anything nVidia/ATI.
    Replacement Models
    Replacememt Textures

    Therefore unless Steam stops allowing custom files for MW2 I believe it will be doomed. No dedicated server so no Sio/Pasties/Organ to ban fools and no KAC to ban fools and no way for textures that are hacks to get vac banned, cuz steam dont ban for edited textures/models which have legitimate uses but can also be made transparent/colored/glow in the dark thru 15 walls and 2 mountains etc.

    usually dont rant about pc games as with any online pc game there is cheaters

    but goddamnit i paid $65 for a game that cant even patch cheats for more then 50 minutes.

    dont see why they allow custom files for a game with no dedicateds.

    also seems this patch makes it take even longer to find a game and then the game might kick everyone out as i experienced mutliple times today
    //rant of the year
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