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Thread: Enjoy playing Zombie//Mod games?

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    Default Enjoy playing Zombie//Mod games?

    Here's a few places you can look (titles, then prices [*if bought from Steam Store], then descriptions):

    Counter Strike: Source
    Price: $19.99 - $20.00 USD
    Now we all know that N/U offers the best ZombieMod server out there and anyone that says otherwise will be ass raped by a jail mate by the name of Bubbuh!

    Garry's Mod
    Price: $9.99 - $10.00 USD
    Though the graphics could be better/ up-to-par with currently "worldly" games it still has a few Multiplayer servers that offer ZombieMod FPS to TPS styles.

    Killing Floor
    Price: $19.99 - $20.00 USD
    Though the graphics are almost the same as CS:S, it could use some improvement. It currently has two player skin packs you can get, but you start of with the basics and can have more skins to choose from BUT, you need to purchase them as an add-on for like $1.99 - $2.00 USD. Also, they have been adding more guns to their selection of zombie killing tools such as the AK-47 and SCAR assault rifles.

    Plants .VS. Zombies
    Price: $10.00 USD
    Now this game in my opinion is if you want to play something with a style of "Tower Defense" and just sit there and not work really hard to survive. Just sit back and place the plants where you want them to defend and try to keep your house safe. It gets harder as you go up in the levels which takes more strategy.
    If I missed any other games that offer something like this post them for others to see.
    Marijuana Seeds
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