Bombsites for beginners

(Before doing these things you should know how to make simple map with hammer/WC)

Today I'm gonna teach you how to make bombsites into your map (the place where Terrorists can plant bomb and Counter-Terrorists can Defuse bomb .)

~~~~~ 1. Making area where you can plant and defuse bomb. ~~~~~

Make box using AAATRIGGER texture. This is your bomb area.
Select box, right click and Tie to entity. Then choose func_bomb_target from Object Properties

-Okay now you got place you can set up bomb and defuse it, but It's little bit hard to find, so we are going to make an mark what shows where to plant bomb...

~~~~~ 2. Creating "plant bomb here mark" ~~~~~

Okay Now you have bombsite, but something is missing... of course: "plant bomb here"
We are going to make Infodecal called entity... Again select it, Right click and this time click Properties.
Press Smart Edit |off| and click first Keyvalue "Texture", then change value to {target
Remember to move this entity to floor or where ever you want!

~~~~~ 3. Creating stuff what breaks when bomb explodes. ~~~~~

When bomb blows up in de_dust2 at bombsite B many crates will break into hundreds pieces...
Wanna create something like that?
Let me Show you how to make it...

Okay lets create some crates or anything you want to break. (this time I'll use crates.)
When you have finished making crates Select them all and... Tie to entity > Func_breakable.
You can use almost any settings you want, just remember put Only trigger from flags ON and same names to all things what will break up when bomb explodes
(this time I'm using BOBTHEBOMB1 as a name ).
Then select that func_bomb_target and put that "BOBTHEBOMB1" to Target (when bomb blows)

~~~~~ 4. Too small/big explosion ~~~~~
Got too small or too big explosion?
Let's fix that.
We have to create Entity called info_map_parameters
Let's </B>Change Bomb Radius value.</B>
-100 will not kill even if you stand on it =D
200-400 good radius for small maps
400-500 good radius for medium-big maps
500-700 good radius for extra big maps.
1000 no-one isn't that stupid..
+5000 nuke
+10000 are you freaking mad?</I>

Also remember to create Info_player_start and Info_player_deathmatch on your map, compile and play =)
Written by PataseV.