Creating spawn points is a very easy process. In my opinion it would be one of the easiest mapping tutorials around CSBANANA. Alright now before we get started here are the very important requirement(s):

  • Requirement(s):
  • Know basic mapping
  • Tom's 1.6 FDG

Creating spawn points

Step 1: First we will create a small room. I will be using the half wall half glass map from my previous tutorial about creating a skybox. If you are new to mapping and don't know what is going on check out the example map later on in the tutorial. For a better understanding view screenshot 1.

Step 2: Now you have the room finished we need to create an entity. Choose the Entity tool (the one that looks like a light bulb) or hold and press Shift+E. For a better understanding view screenshot 2.

Step 3: Now you've got the entity tool chosen, right? Click on any part in side of the room, but make sure it is now touching and walls. Now you should have a green box with 4 lines intersecting through the middle. For a better understanding view screenshot 3.

Step 4: Ok now that you have the entity in place, press Enter or right click > Create Object. After you've done that it should most likely be a larger green box. We'll start off with a CT entity. To do so, right click > Properties. Now in the drop down list look for info_player_start. For a better understanding view screenshot 4.

Step 5:Now it is a CT spawn, but it is probably not in position. That means if you don't move it up on the side view they will spawn in the middle of no where. This is the step where we will use both the side view and the 3D view. Move the CT entity so that it is not touching the walls or the floor. For a better understanding view screenshot 5.

Step 6: Now you have gotten the idea on how to make a spawn. It is the exact same process as steps 1-5, but this time we need a terrorist spawn. Create a new entity like before, but this time when in properties, choose info_player_deathmatch. You're basically finished. Here are some tips to know: Do not spawn the players to high. Each entity represents one player. To view a finished product of both spawns, view screenshot 6.

Download example map
Includes RMF file and BSP file