I've been making a salad like this for the past few weeks and all I have to say is it is delish!

There is no set recipe but I will tell you basically what it contains.

Romain lettuce and spinach.
Red and Green pepper.
Baby tomatoes
Cheese of your liking

Hot Chicken*

*I usually buy tyson frozen chicken strips and toss them into a frying pan.
Once thawed and starting to warm I add seasoning. This is the part that varies. You can use what ever you like really. Sometimes I just use mrs. dash, or Italian spices. Sometimes toss a little thyme in there or onion powder. It is really preference. Once the spices start to really cook in the meat then the important part comes.
I add a splash of Red Hot (hot sauce) and Green Pepper Tabasco sauce.

**The next part of the salad is the dressing. The fact of the matter is, you really don't need dressing. What I do is take 3 or 4 pepperoncini peppers and squeeze them over top of the salad. After removing the stems you then rip them up and place them in the salad. Sometimes if I want to add a little more kick, I add some Green Pepper Tabasco sauce right on top.

And that is that! You are ready to enjoy. I just have to warm you it will be spicy. The cucumbers and tomatoes really cool down your mouth after a spicy bite but I do recommend having something to drink close by.

I do sometimes have a half of a pita close by. Sometimes taking a bite of pita cools of your palette before going in for another bite hot and spicy salad.

Personally, Since I started eating perpperonicins I prefer the sauce over any dressing. And it's cool because you really don't need much to coat your salad.

----- I got bored again. And I am hungry. ahahaha