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  1. it was 1st a 2day ban. then he continued shit with me and johnnyboy. skinnymans said extend it to 1wk.
  2. you banned a guy for a week for *admin* disrespect??? LOL what did he do... say fuck you? cause i say that to you too lol
  3. dont fuck with sean. He's a Boss.
  4. Lol.
  5. bitches cant bitch slap people. they can only get bitch slapped
  6. Nah. Betch slap you.
  7. i treat admins worse than regular players LOL what are you gonna do ban me from a z mod server i dont play on anymore
  8. Well I do not really care if you are cooler then me. Also "Admin Respect"
  9. hey cock sucker

    this song makes me smile lol. Pretty damn catchy. And yes i am cooler than you... bitch

    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Cooler Than Me CORRECT LYRICS (Mike Posner)[/nomedia]
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