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  1. Rape in Public 3

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    [movie] Rape in Public 3
    "As the light slowly dims from the community, one player alone carries the torch through the shadow...The pubs are losing their way, but he will burn the darkness down- hoards at a time. Fed up and furious, d3vaLL rapes the public for one last shot at bringing the pubs back."
    I hope you enjoy the final installment of Rape in Public- a cinematic collage of various experiences pubbing in counter-strike: source!

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  2. MySQL replication server configuration

    Main steps

    Note: Consider server1 as master and server2 as slave and replicating database as exampledb.

    On Server 1(Master)

    1) Configuring the Master

    ? To make sure that the replication can work, we must make MySQL listen on all interfaces on the master (server1), therefore we comment out the linebind-address =

    Eg: #bind-address ...
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  3. DIY LED light bars

    EDIT---if your interested in making something like this be sure to read though the thread before ordering/building. there has been discussion on different options and better ways. but even if you change the design you can still reference off the original pictures.

    i decided to try and make my own light bar a few month ago so i started doing the research and sourcing parts. leds are becoming so common and easy to work with i figured i could pull it off for around 1/2 of the cost of ...

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  4. Setting UP a Local network DNS Server using bind9 for debian

    This is a step by step tutorial on how to install and configure DNS server for your LAN using bind9. The DNS server will provide caching and name resolution as well as reverse name resolution for your local network. In this tutorial, we will use the domain ?debian.lan? and this will be the domain of your local network. The domain ?debian.lan is not accessible from the internet; its private ip address is ?″.

    Installing bind9 and dns utilitiesI assume that you already ...

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  5. How to Speed Up the Performance of Windows 7

    How to Optimize Windows 7

    This is a list of suggestions that will help show you how to optimize Windows 7 by speeding up and improving its performance. You can pick and choose which ones you would like to do. If you do not notice a increase in performance or have a problem with the suggestion, then you can always go back and enable or undo the suggestion at the provided tutorial link for it..

    Here ...

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