View Full Version : Small little update.

12-16-2008, 04:05 AM
I don't know if you guys who play tf2 still updated your game recently but there was some pretty nifty upgrades

-----------ENGIE STUFF-----------
* Teleporters are now upgradeable to level 3. As the teleporter is upgraded, the cooldown will decrease.
* Dispensers are now upgradeable to level 3. They will heal faster and generate metal faster as they are upgraded.

* Spies will be able to recharge their cloaking ability by picking up ammo off of the ground.

*HUD changes have been made so a different medic icon appears based on what is wrong with the person. Such as on fire or low health.

*When a person is over healed they will have a medical team colored glow around them.

*Stickies can now be shot at with any gun that has bullets and will dissipate completely. They no longer just roll around.

And it has just been announced that the next upgrade pack will be for the SCOUT!