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12-06-2010, 05:45 PM
ok, so before you read this, id like to say, no more with the rants, no more with the bashing and trolling. This is to clear things up on both sides so we know whats up and why what was done had to be done. After hearing all sides of the story, i understand why, and dot would do the same in pasties shoes. I also removed the email adresses and ip's to keep that safe.

pasties |w0rd|: From DoT (Email: dotxxx@xxxxxxx.xxx, IP: 9x.xxx.xx.xx)

To Cybirth (Email: xxxxxxcron@xxxxxxx.xxx)
Sent Date 20:51, 2nd Nov 2010
Subject ZM

Yo, a lot of the old N/U ZM players have started to play on my server. It is similar to N/U's zm, so if you want to play some good zm come join us.
pasties |w0rd|: From DoT (Email: dotxxx@xxxxxxx.xxx, IP: 9x.xxx.xx.xx)

To Lucas_13 (Email: lucas_xxxlxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxx)
Sent Date 21:29, 14th Nov 2010
Subject ZM

Hey, if you are still looking for a Zombie Mod server to play on you can come play at mine. After N/U's zm died a bunch of us that played there left and made our own server.

It's pretty much the same as N/U but better. Everyone's voice is heard and changes are made to suit everyone all the time.

Pretty much everyone who played on N/U plays there now so you will see some familiar faces.

The server IP is and the website is www.Join28RL.net

- Dot.

now that that's posted, now this is what miguel and dot had to say on the situation.

Miguel | Join28RL.net: i had mentioned dot told a player about our server because he was wondering where zm was
Miguel | Join28RL.net: so gj
w0rd onehit[SupeRNinjA]: i already sent dot the proof, but it cleary says " so if you want to play some good zm come join us." which is technically recruiting on the website
Miguel | Join28RL.net: i had said dot mentioned to a player we had a zm server because he was a hardcore zm reg like i said u expect him to magically become some office pro?
w0rd onehit[SupeRNinjA]: where are u getting office? why r u getting off topic? this has nothing to do with office AT ALL. clearly he was only banned for the advertising of recruiting NOTHING TO DO WITH OFFICE
Miguel | Join28RL.net: because thats the only server u guys got left that has like 2 ppl in it at a time at most and i dont think he'd start playing there so he might as well play our zm server if he likes zm
w0rd onehit[SupeRNinjA]: if u think i was to send this msg to dot, he'd say this was the best thing to do? PURPOSELY STEAL MEMBERS? from a dying community at that
w0rd onehit[SupeRNinjA]: wtg
Miguel | Join28RL.net: he wasnt even playing on the servers you had left neways shit we were helpin the guy out by givin him a zm server wher he could play with friends
w0rd onehit[SupeRNinjA]: if he wanted another server he'd refresh his servers dumbass. not be stolen away from a former jr owner
w0rd onehit[SupeRNinjA]: you guys r fucked up if this is the way u do shit
Miguel | Join28RL.net: he was our friend lol
Miguel | Join28RL.net: we didnt steal him we were guiding him back to where we were he wasnt playing on ur servers neways so howd we steal him
w0rd onehit[SupeRNinjA]: w/e u put it , RECRUITING
Miguel | Join28RL.net: lol ok

Dot. | Join28RL.net: i already stated my reasons
Dot. | Join28RL.net: they were looking for a zombie mod server
Dot. | Join28RL.net: if they didnt hear it from me, they would have heard it somewhere else
Dot. | Join28RL.net: tara came back and played on our server her first day back
Dot. | Join28RL.net: so did dev
Dot. | Join28RL.net: bob tom
Dot. | Join28RL.net: waldo
Dot. | Join28RL.net: kamikaze

so clearly, what he was accused of, and the "proof" that was never there is here and proves that he in deed recruit people on the n\u forums. And honestly, if that's the way miguel thinks things should be run, he should be ashamed of himself, thats horrible.

Kaley Fan
12-06-2010, 09:02 PM
Thank you onehit. Now this should shut everyone up, and this can return to a gaming community, and not the facebook of a 13 year old girl. So much fucking drama.

12-06-2010, 09:12 PM
First off, I'm not going to rant. I never did like to rant or flame n' shit.

I just wanted to state that (not related to website invites) I have been numerously sent invites from Dot. through steam to join his server. Now I DID go on there one or two times a while ago, but I didn't like the way the knockback was set. I prefered the way N/U's ZM server's knockback was set since I was a reg there and the ZM was my home. Though currently I do not have a permanent residence as I have RL responsibilities such as college and finals. I still prefer N/U over 28HoursLater. It was my first home, my only home.

That's all I'm going to say. But *edited by myself since it would only continue the issue*
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12-06-2010, 09:17 PM
but wheres the fun with out drama lol jk

12-06-2010, 10:14 PM
but wheres the fun with out drama lol jk

holy shit he blesses us with an apperance @_@

12-06-2010, 10:36 PM
yeah i know im like a ghost you never know when im going to knock shit down in the house just to piss you off