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01-12-2024, 05:04 PM
Dear Community,
We're excited to share some thrilling news with you today - a moment we've eagerly awaited and worked tirelessly towards for a long time. The curtains are now rising, and we are proud to unveil the brand-new design of our website!
Our goal was simple: to create a website that does not only reflect our identity as the IPFire community today and in the years to come, but also a digital place that makes things easier for everyone.
What Is New?First of all: A fresh look! No more grey on grey, but instead one much cleaner, well-structured website that is modern and fun.
A Unified Space We no longer spread our presence over multiple subdomains as we used to: Everything you need is now in one place; making navigation much easier and introduces a true single-sign-on solution across the entire project.
Documentation - Our wiki has now been moved to a central place on our website. Making it easier to access, edit and contribute to will help us all to build a nightly knowledge base all around IPFire.
What actually is IPFire? Our old website left that question open and encouraged people to try it out. Now, there is a brand new page (http://vb.n00bunlimited.net/about) that has a comprehensive overview of IPFire and the project. A great place to get started for new users.
Our download page (http://vb.n00bunlimited.net/downloads) have been updated to bring you more information about the latest release and there is now an overview of supported cloud providers (http://vb.n00bunlimited.net/downloads/cloud), too.
And finally, if you still don't know where to find one of the many things that the project is hosting, there is a new sitemap (http://vb.n00bunlimited.net/sitemap) - a compass guiding you to the right place.
All these things are only a few of the many improvements that we have made to our website. Many things have been updated in the web app that we have developed from scratch to make it faster and more secure. We are very proud to have achieved this as it has been a big task for us with so many ideas flowing into the final result. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this so that this is truly our website as a community.
The journey does not end here - this is just the beginning! We are excited to start this year with a big bang, some fresh lick of colour and - simply - a better image of our great project. We still have many more ideas to come, but for now...
Here's to a colourful start of 2024!
Update: Because of an error, the announcement email for this went out multiple times to all those people who have subscribed to it. I am sorry for the inconvenience and luckily this seems to have been the only glitch we had when rolling out our new website. Fingers crossed. Sorry.

More... (https://www.ipfire.org/blog/unveiling-our-fresh-look-a-new-website)