View Full Version : 1000 Atkins Diet Recipe's with carb counter.

01-11-2009, 06:15 PM
Here is a huge list of Atkins Recipe's with the carbs counted for you. Enjoy.

01-11-2009, 06:31 PM
I just have to say the Atkins diet sucks balls.

I lost a lot of weight being on that when I was starting highschool. (way back in the day) All I have to say is that it wasn't worth it. If I could do it all over again I would have done it the old fashion way.

Being on that "lifestyle" makes you feel like absolute shit. Sure, you lose weight hella fast but you feel like shit and have no energy to do anything, even when you are active and not just following the food guidelines.

Being a meat lover it sounded like the most awesome idea ever. I, along with other family members started the "no/low carb diet" and everything was cool. After the first week or so your body goes through withdrawal and you really start to feel it. It is almost the same feeling if you have ever tried to quit smoking but not as intense. Pretty much you are shocking your body since you don't ingest any carbs what so ever. Most people know that you need carbohydrates for energy.

Sure the "plan" teaches you that their are good an bad carbs, but in all honesty you need a little bit of both to keep yourself balance and energized.

After being on the Atkins diet for a whole year I just couldn't stand the side affects. Sure I was fucking HOT hahaha lost a considerable amount of weight I personally felt it wasn't worth it. Because of what you eat on this plan it usually makes your breath reek. Which sucks. On top of that, having no energy just makes normal things feel like such a hard task.

After leaving the program, no matter how "healthy" you eat you will gain the pounds that you lost back in no time at all. You just lost the weight from tricking your body.

Sure, this lifestyle is popular and lot of people still live by it but I definitively think its not that great for you. Sure eating proteins and fats sounds like the best diet ever, but it gets old. Hamburgers and steak get old fast. Not being able to eat certain fruits or veggies sucks too.

Well, anyways, if it works for you, great. I just didn't have that great of an experience on that plan.

One thing I did take away from the whole experience though is drinking water. That i really all I drink, besides fruit juice every now and then. or maybe a cup of coffee or iced tea. No pop for me. I think that cutting pop/soda out of your diet is just such a great way to clean out your system. Drinking a lot of water every day keeps you satisfied with out empty calories. Half the time when you think you are hungry your body is just thirsty.

Well I got bored so that is where all this came from. Hahaha. Back to cleaning. *poof*