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  27. Early Expansion Pack Access on PlayStation 3 & Battlefield 1943
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  29. Happy Halloween everyone!
  30. To all of our Battlefield 3 fans: We are listening, keep sending valuable feedback
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  32. Seven Ways Battlefield 3 is Improving
  33. New Battlefield 3 fixes, Go Back to Karkand in Dec, chat with Peter Moore, and more!
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  35. Going Back to Karkand #4: The design idea behind the themed expansion pack
  36. Going Back to Karkand #5: Gameplay from Strike at Karkand, Assignments explained
  37. Incoming: Battlefield 3 update!
  38. New Squad interface, Battlelog features, server abilities in today's Battlefield 3 up
  39. How to enable Stereoscopic 3D in Battlefield 3
  40. Going Back to Karkand #6: Gulf of Oman gameplay, combat vehicles revealed
  41. Back to Karkand launches for the PlayStation 3 on Tuesday!
  42. Battlefield 3 PS3 update released
  43. Back to Karkand out on PS3 December 6th, PC and Xbox 360 to follow on December 13th!
  44. Back to Karkand #7: Out now on PS3, new gameplay trailer live!
  45. How to go Back to Karkand (on PlayStation 3)
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  47. Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 update today!
  48. How to go Back to Karkand on Xbox 360
  49. How to go Back to Karkand on PC
  50. Back to Karkand out now on PC and Xbox 360!
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  52. Get your Physical Warfare Pack at no extra charge today on PlayStation 3!
  53. Physical Warfare Pack available now at no extra charge on PC and Xbox 360!
  54. Working on a weapons fix for Back to Karkand (PS3)
  55. Metal vs Hip Hop in Battlefield 3 this weekend
  56. Battlefield 3 anti-cheat measures intensify
  57. Expand your set of dog tags and multiplayer skins for Battlefield 3
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  64. Inside DICE: Creating The Beautiful Environments In Battlefield 3: Armored Kill
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  74. DICE Celebrates Ten Years On The Battlefield By Giving Away Battlefield 1942 For Free
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